The Gentle

The most lasting effects are sometimes achieved by progressing slowly, calmly and steadily. This is a time when only a gentle approach will do. In nature the effects of subtle, persistent action can be seen in the movement of the wind making patterns on the sand, or the flowing water smoothing the sharp edges on rock.

Its force is virtually transparent; its capacity to manifest change is found in the persistent regularity of its action. In human terms this translates as calm perseverance, “the faith that moves mountains” and the power of love.

It is that constancy of purpose that gradually penetrates through all kinds of resistance to reach to the heart of a matter. What is required at this time is to proceed modestly and avoid extremes.

Remain in the background, happy to be doing your thing, without drawing attention to yourself or your efforts. Be thorough in eliminating anything that fosters doubt or, alternatively, that feeds over-confidence.

Either of these undermining attitudes would sabotage the subtle and deep progress that has already been made.