The Receptive

The Receptive is yielding and passive. When in harmony with the Creative, it functions as a womb in which an infinite variety of creations can manifest. Receptivity depends upon the dynamic spark of creative inspiration in order to be activated into productivity.

Receptivity requires a fine balance. It is patient, open and nurturing while also intensely devoted and strong enough to withstand the most difficult of times. Its strength is in its depth and its capacity to absorb and support action.

In this case, waiting doesn’t mean weakness or uncertainty. If you push now, no matter how resolute you may feel, you are steering away from your goal and moving toward confusion and difficulty. More than likely, many others will be dragged along with you.

This is not the time to act impulsively. Rather, take space and consider the far-reaching effects of any action. Making power plays now would be untimely.

Once you put the full weight of your support behind anyone or anything, they will be strengthened by it.