Pushing Upward

There is nothing standing in the way of progress at this time. Much preparation and change has coalesced to bring about this propitious moment. Support may come from a variety of sources; and what you need, will be easily made available. Now you can appreciate all those past struggles that have been an essential part of your journey to this point.

By strengthening your determination to hold fast and carry on, adversity is recognized as an ally in disguise. Drop any hesitation or fears that might threaten to hold you back.

Withholding now is out of sync with the present reality. Indulging in doubtful thinking or postponing what needs to be done, sends a message that you’re not ready to receive what is being given to you.

This is the moment to step forward and reach for the stars. Anchor yourself in the rich soil of goodwill that supports you, and accept it with gratitude.

The flowering that is happening is well deserved and congratulations are in order. Now get back to work!