The Great Power

In our solar system the sun depicts the energy of Great Power. In our bodies this power resides in the gut or lower belly. In Japanese martial arts it is called the hara; in Chinese martial arts and meditative practices it is known as dantien.

It is the reservoir of power from which all life energy emanates and into which all life flows. A powerful position does not necessarily equate with greatness. To become worthy of that reverence requires passage through many tests of character, which may be repeated over a lifetime.

Your character and self-respect are passing through an endurance test. Be prepared for a period of intense grappling with some inner demons: greed, narcissism and pride, to name a few.

It is wise to avoid extremes of any kind, particularly if you are in a position of influence. Assume nothing and weigh all things in the balance before reaching conclusions.

The effect your decisions will have on others should not be ignored. When you are the center of attention, maintaining a sense of decorum and self-restraint is essential. You have much to offer and can set wheels in motion that will be beneficial for everyone.

So stay on course.