There is an old saying: In the bright light of day all things become known. Circumstances are accelerating toward that illuminated zenith now. The outlook is brighter and all signs point toward a rapid progression of events. The brightening light of day also represents enhanced awareness that is revelatory and exposing. This increases the likelihood of scrutiny of our actions and attitudes in many areas of life. At this time, anything that was once unknown, unclear or under cover may now come to light. If greater maturity and unification have been developing, then there will be no need to be concerned about the exposure. If, however, you have been working covertly to embellish your reputation or elevate your position that manipulation will probably be exposed in the present circumstances.

Taking care of any challenges that arise helps to keep your feet on the ground while you enjoy the limelight. This is not to say that the sweetness of the moment should not be savored. But to assume you have already done enough and that its now time to kick back, would be unfortunate.

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